Growing Water Wisteria for Shrimp Tanks

Water wisteria, also known as Hygrophila difformis, is a popular plant in the aquarium hobby, especially among shrimp keepers. This fast-growing plant provides numerous benefits to the aquarium, including a source of food and shelter for shrimp, as well as improved water quality through natural filtration. In this article, we will discuss the essential steps for growing water wisteria in a shrimp tank.

Lighting Requirements for Water Wisteria

Water wisteria thrives in medium to high light conditions, making it an excellent choice for shrimp tanks that are adequately lit. The plant uses the energy from the light to produce food through photosynthesis. It’s essential to provide a good quality light spectrum that is balanced in the red and blue spectrum, to ensure that the plant grows healthily.

Fertilizing Water Wisteria

Water wisteria requires nutrients to grow and flourish in the aquarium. Fertilizing the water with a balanced plant fertilizer will provide the plant with the necessary nutrients it needs to grow. In addition to the fertilizer, it’s also important to maintain a balanced carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the aquarium, as this is critical for the plant’s growth. A good CO2 system will provide the plant with the carbon dioxide it needs for photosynthesis, resulting in healthy growth.

Propagating Water Wisteria

Propagating water wisteria is easy, and it can be done through cuttings. Simply take a cutting from a healthy plant and plant it in the substrate. Once the cutting has rooted, it will begin to grow into a full-sized plant. In addition, water wisteria will also propagate through runners, which will eventually produce new plants.

Trimming Water Wisteria

Water wisteria is a fast-growing plant, and it’s essential to keep it trimmed to prevent it from taking over the entire aquarium. Trimming the plant regularly will not only keep it from taking over but will also encourage the plant to produce more branches and leaves, which will improve the overall health of the plant.


Growing water wisteria in a shrimp tank is a great way to improve the health and well-being of the shrimp and the overall health of the aquarium. By providing adequate lighting, fertilization, and proper care, water wisteria can thrive and provide numerous benefits to the aquarium.