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Two Adolfo's catfish (Corydoras adolfoi) swimming above the sandy substrate in a freshwater aquarium, with other fish blurred in the background.

Adolfo’s catfish (Corydoras adolfoi)

An Agassiz's Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma agassizii) with a vibrant orange tail and iridescent blue body markings, swimming near aquatic plants and rocky substrate in an aquarium.

Agassiz’s dwarf cichlid (Apistogramma agassizii)

An Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) with striking black vertical stripes and long, elegant fins, positioned amidst vibrant green aquatic plants in a freshwater tank.

Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare)

An Aulonocara steveni, also known as Blue Neon Peacock, displaying its radiant blue scales, with a partial view of an orange fish in the background.

Aulonocara Blue Neon

An Auratus Cichlid, distinguished by its yellow body with bold black stripes, in a vivid teal-colored freshwater aquarium with green plants.

Auratus cichlid

A Wild-type Betta with prominent blue and black striped patterning on its fins, swimming elegantly in a beige-colored water environment.

Betta mahachai (Betta mahachaiensis)

A Blood Parrot Cichlid, also known as Red Parrot Fish, with a vibrant orange body, swimming in a tank with a blurred green aquatic plant background.

Blood parrot cichlid (Red parrot fish)

Electric blue and yellow Gouramis with distinct patterning, swimming side by side in an aquarium with a teal green background.

Blue Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus)

Bronze Corydoras (Corydoras aeneus) against a colorful gravel substrate in an aquarium.

Bronze catfish (Corydoras aeneus)

A Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma cacatuoides) with vibrant orange and black patterned fins and a yellow body, swimming over a bed of white substrate in an aquarium setting.

Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid (Apistogramma cacatuoides)

A Convict Cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciata) with its distinctive black stripes over a silvery body, swimming in a clear blue aquarium with a white sand bottom and a hint of pink plant life.

Convict cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciata)

A Convict Cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciata) displaying its pale body with faint vertical stripes inside a clay pot in an aquarium, with a reflection visible on the water's surface.

Convict cichlid (Amatitlania siquia)

A diverse group of Discus fish (Symphysodon aequifasciatus) showcasing a variety of patterns and colors, including turquoise, red, and orange, swimming in an aquarium with natural driftwood and green plants.

Discus (Symphysodon aequifasciatus)

A Sciaenochromis fryeri, also known as the Electric Blue Hap, with its vibrant blue coloration, swimming in a dimly lit aquarium with specks resembling tiny bubbles around it.

Electric Blue Hap

An electric yellow cichlid with distinctive black stripes on its dorsal fin, hovering over a pale gravel substrate in a bright aquatic setting.

Electric yellow

Exquisite halfmoon Betta fish with a radiant spread of blue and fiery orange fins, showcased against a backdrop of vibrant yellow aquatic plants.

Emerald betta (Betta smaragdina)

A Firemouth Cichlid (Thorichthys meeki) with its signature red throat and blue speckled body, amidst aquatic greenery in a freshwater aquarium.

Firemouth cichlid (Thorichthys meeki)

A school of Geophagus iporangensis displaying their characteristic mottled patterns and iridescent scales, peacefully congregating in a freshwater aquarium habitat.

Geophagus (Geophagus iporangensis)

A single Goldeneye Cichlid (Nannacara anomala) with a shimmering blue body and distinctive golden eye, swimming in the dark waters of an aquarium.

Goldeneye cichlid (Nannacara anomala)

A group of Green Discus fish (Symphysodon tarzoo) exhibiting a range of colors from vibrant blues to warm yellows, swimming among vertical green aquatic plants.

Green Discus (Symphysodon tarzoo)

A vibrant Green Terror cichlid (Andinoacara rivulatus) with a patterned blue body and striking yellow accents, swimming in a dark freshwater aquarium setting with green plants and sandy substrate.

Green terror (Andioacara rivulatus)

Vibrant orange and black Flame Dwarf Gourami (Colisa lalia) swimming in a planted aquarium, with a blurred green background emphasizing the fish's bright colors.

Honey gourami (Trichogaster chuna)

A Cyphotilapia frontosa, also known as a Humphead Cichlid, with distinctive black and white bands, swimming in front of a rocky substrate.

Humphead Cichlid

A Jaguar Cichlid (Parachromis managuensis) featuring a patterned body with black spots resembling a jaguar's coat, against a dark underwater background with hints of green and yellow.

Jaguar cichlid (Parachromis Managuensis)

Julii Cory (Corydoras julii) over fine white sand substrate in a well-lit aquarium.

Julii cory (Corydoras julii)

A Maylandia lombardoi, commonly known as Kenyi, with bold vertical stripes, swimming above the gravel in a planted aquarium environment.


A Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) with a striking red belly, black markings, and yellow accents, hovering over a white gravel substrate in an aquarium with a dark, wood-like background.


A bright yellow Neolamprologus leleupi, also known as Leleupi or Lemon Cichlid, poised near dark aquatic rocks with slender green leaves in the background.


A Flowerhorn, also known as Lump Head Cichlid, featuring a prominent nuchal hump and vivid multicolored patterning, set against a deep blue aquatic background.

Lump Head Cichlid (Flowerhorn)

A Cyrtocara moorii, commonly called the Malawi Blue Dolphin, swimming near the rocky substrate of its freshwater habitat with a soft focus on the textured background.

Malawi Blue Dolphin

A Neolamprologus multifasciatus, commonly known as the Many-Banded Shell-Dweller, swims in a tranquil freshwater habitat, against a dark, contrasting background.

Many Banded Shell-Dweller

A Marlier's Julie (Julidochromis marlieri) with distinct black and white striping against a lush green aquatic plant backdrop in a freshwater aquarium.

Marliers Julie

A Nicaragua Cichlid (Hypsophrys nicaraguensis) with a bright yellow body and blue facial highlights, set in a natural aquarium setting with dark substrate and green plants.

Midas cichlid (Amphilophus citrinellus)

Pale moonlight Gourami fish with delicate orange accents, gracefully swimming in the dark waters of an aquarium environment.

Moonlight gourami (Trichogaster microlepis)

A darkly colored Oscar fish (Astronotus ocellatus) with vibrant orange markings, swimming prominently in a dimly lit aquarium with blurred fish and aquatic plants in the background.

Oscar (Astronotus ocellatus)

Panda Corydoras (Corydoras panda) navigating through a substrate of mixed pebbles in an aquarium.

Panda catfish (Corydoras panda)

A Betta fish with a dark body and vibrant blue and red finnage, isolated on a black background, showcasing the intricate fin patterns and vivid coloration.

Peaceful betta (Betta imbellis)

An Aulonocara jacobfreibergi, or Peacock Cichlid, with its radiant blue and yellow coloring, swimming beside green aquatic plants and a seashell.

Peacock Cichlid

Peppered Cory (Corydoras paleatus) lying on a dark wooden substrate in an aquarium.

Peppered cory (Corydoras paleatus)

Pink Corydoras (Corydoras axelrodi) hovering over a bed of multi-colored pebbles in a tank.

Pink corydoras (Corydoras axelrodi)

A Polleni Cichlid (Paratilapia polleni) with a dark body and small iridescent spots throughout, swimming in a tank with a vibrant blue background.

Polleni cichlid

A Neolamprologus brichardi, known as the Princess of Burundi, elegantly swimming in a blue-hued freshwater aquarium setup with rocks and aquatic plants.

Princess of burundi

Two Otocinclus Catfish swimming near green aquatic plants in a freshwater aquarium.

Pygmy catfish (Corydoras pygmaeus)

Rabaut's Corydoras (Corydoras rabauti) on a pebbled substrate with a clear view of its lateral stripe.

Rabauti cory (Corydoras rabauti)

A Ram Cichlid (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) with a vibrant spectrum of colors including blues, oranges, and reds, displaying its extended fins in an aquatic environment with plants and rocks.

Ram cichlid (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi)

A vibrant Red Discus fish (Symphysodon discus) featuring intricate red and white patterns, swimming in an aquarium with a dark background and neon tetras in the periphery.

Red Discus (Symphysodon discus)

A Red Tiger Cichlid (Parachromis motaguensis) with bold red and black markings against a backdrop of driftwood and aquatic plants in a freshwater aquarium.

Red tiger cichlid (Parachromis motaguensis)

A Redhead Cichlid (Vieja synspila) with a mix of green, blue, and yellow scales and a distinctive red patch on its head, swimming in front of a blurred aquarium background.

Redhead cichlid (Vieja synspila)

Saulosi Mbuna

A Betta fish with a turquoise body and expansive red fins, displaying its impressive finnage in a dramatic flare against a black background.

Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens)

Skunk Cory Catfish (Corydoras arcuatus) on a white coarse substrate in an aquarium.

Skunk Cory Cat (Corydoras arcuatus)

Slender cichlid

Spotted Cory (Corydoras punctatus) resting on multicolored gravel in an aquarium setting.

Spotted Cory (Corydoras punctatus)

Sterba's Corydoras (Corydoras sterbai) positioned on a multicolored gravel substrate in a freshwater tank.

Sterba’s corydoras (Corydoras sterbai)

Vibrant red and blue Betta fish, also known as Siamese Fighting Fish, with elaborate fins swimming against a dark blue background sprinkled with water particles.

Stiktos Betta (Betta stiktos)

A Taeniacara candidi, commonly known as the Black Stripe Dwarf Cichlid, with a striking lateral black stripe and iridescent scales, set against a backdrop of dark green aquatic plants.

Taeniacara candidi

Botia lohachata, also known as the Yo-Yo Loach, with its distinctive black and silver patterning, resting on a gravel substrate in an aquarium.

Three stripe corydoras (Corydoras trilineatus)

A Tropheus sp. Black with a dark body and a faint blue sheen on the gills, swimming near the rocky bottom of a freshwater aquarium with another fish in the background.


An Umbrella Cichlid (Apistogramma borellii) with a delicate pattern of iridescent scales and a distinctive red facial marking, swimming in an aquarium with a blue background and yellow fish in soft focus.

Umbrella cichlid (Apistogramma borellii)

A Nimbochromis venustus, with its distinctive blue face and yellow striped body, swimming amidst the green aquatic plants of its tank environment.


Vivid red Betta fish, also known as Siamese Fighting Fish, with full, elegantly spread fins and tail, isolated on a black background.

Wild Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) – Wild

A Wolf Cichlid (Parachromis dovii) with a textured body of iridescent blue speckles, in an aquarium setting with driftwood and green plants.

Wolf cichlid (Parachromis dovii)

A Maylandia estherae, also known as Zebra Mbuna, with its blue body and faint stripes, swimming in a clear blue aquarium environment.

Zebra mbuna